7 Vibrating Thrusting Real Feel Masturbation Cup

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7 powerful modes
advanced technique
Unparalleled Performance

2022 Loosei 7 Vibrating Thrusting Real Feel Masturbation Cup


  • 7 telescoping and vibration patterns continually stroke your cock into a gratifying, sensational climax.
  • The well-textured sleeve is fleshy and pliable, greatly increasing the sense of comfort and reality.
  • Outfitted with a one-click-rapid-thrust button that can offer you a maximum mind-blowing experience.
  • A removable insert ensures throughout cleansing.
  • The discreet outer case assures privacy and durability.


Weight: 2.2lb

Size: 10 x 3.5 x 3’’

Insertable length: 5.9’’

Sleeve girth: 1.9’’

Package included:

1 x masturbation cup

1 x earphone

1 x charging cable

Product Unboxing Review

Hello everyone and welcome to the new sex toy review today’s product is the 7 Vibrating Thrusting Real Feel Masturbation Cup, a masturbation cup from Loosei. So this is it seems like a very simple toy that I’ve reviewed countless times.
It has an insert that thrusts it goes up and down like this. And you would think that it was it’s pretty standard. However, there are some unique features of this toy that make it stand out.
So let me just take the cap off.
It doesn’t necessarily look like a vagina. It just has a whole. It has a texture that was interesting about this insert.

what makes this toy unique?

Is the way of the insert works. So normally with toys that do like a thrusting type of action,
The entire insert is in like a chamber that goes up and down like this. So the whole insert will do this. This one has a two-part insert. What does this allow the insert to move much faster. So you’re getting a lot more speed and a lot more. That’s what I’m looking for.
Well, the speed and variety, when it comes to like the things that the toy can do just because it’s moving less, so you put the insert in you uh, put this through the lip.

So what’s going on for those of you who are like what’s going on? So this is like its vibration mode. It doesn’t actually have a bullet vibrator in it. What it does is the motor kind of stutters as it’s going up.
Down. So the stuttering motor causes the toy to vibrate, but it doesn’t actually have a separate vibrator, which is very interesting. I’ve never seen that before. So you have different vibrations by clicking on this+/minus sign.
They are always you can see it, you can see a different pattern.

You know kind of this is normally what you see a lot of toys that normally I don’t mess around with these other settings I just go with high.
But what if you like I don’t want this weird stuttering vibration. I just wanted to go.
I want to go full on 100% all the way. Well, there is a secondary button here that has a lightning bolt.
And this activates like it’s it goes as fast and as hard as it can.
So it doesn’t vibrate. It doesn’t do the stuttering. It just goes
you can see it going.
All right, so it’s not stuttering. It does not vibrate, even if you look, you can see the cap.
The kind of pulsing

And that’s all the toy does. So it’s a pretty simple toy.

It has aa headphone jack.

I don’t really test the moaning. I don’t care the sound quality is never good if you’re into moaning I recommend just
having a Bluetooth speaker and playing some small or porn or something, the built-in sound files are always garbage.
And this is the charging port it does come with a cord that is USB powered.
For charging it’s a proprietary cord. So, unfortunately, I prefer my cords to be micro USB or something that like you’re gonna have a lot of anyway, when they are proprietary sometimes they get lost. And then we can find the cord you may not be able to church or toy, but it is what it is. I’d like to see more toys using micro USB and other common interfaces rather than proprietary things.

The one exception I will say is the one that filthy water resistance they usually have like it looks like a headphone jack and it stabs through the water.

Proof kind of silicone seal in order to get to the charge port that makes sense because you know you want to be waterproof, so kind of stabbing it through the silicon to get to the charging port makes sense because they only pull it out. The silicon closes around it, so it maintains its water tank.
Witness when it comes to like this, I’d like to see this be micro USB as possible, but it is what it is.
So what do I think about this toy, I loved it. I really think that the design of instead of having the whole insert go up and down, just having this front park open down was a really good call.
It allowed the toy to do things that I have t seen another toy do.
So this is a really good recommendation and now the benefit of a tour like this, it’s realistic.

It doesn’t spin because a woman’s vagina doesn’t spin it does what a woman’s vagina does which is like thrust, you know it’s like a girl riding you were were jerking you off giving you really aggressive head.
And it works, it works really well now.
Is this the greatest thrusting toy ever?
No, so they put this up against the leading future.

So this is the light and future.

This is the best frosting toy i’ve ever seen, however, to put these in the same category, even though they both perform the same function, they like thrusting realistic sex toys.

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